Top Things You Will Learn In Bo Sanchez Interview On ANC’s Headstart

Truly Rich Club founder Bro. Bo Sanchez interview on ANC’s Headstart last November has a lot gems especially in the area of money and investment.

I am a member of Truly Rich Club and one of the reasons why I joined is to develop a money principle that I can share it to all of you and especially to my two kids.

As I watched the interview, I jot down some notes and I have this lists of things you can do to improve your finances.

  1. Attend seminars about investments and other money making venture.
  2. Get a mentor that helps you and lift your spirit when you are down and depressed.
  3. Read books that will help you master your finances.
  4. Action, all of the thoughts and ideas will remain on your imagination with you doing all the things you need to do to improve your finances.
  5. Save 20% of your income and invest it so that it will grow.
  6. Change your mindset to spend and then save to SAVE and then SPEND!

I hope you learn something new in this interview of Bo Sanchez.

I wish that one of your New Year’s resolution is to start fixing your finances and start investing in the Philippine Stock Market.

If you are interested to know more about Truly Rich Club – visit their website today!