Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update: Cash is KING – June 18, 2015

This is the most awaited newsletter in my inbox – the Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update. Why? Because Bo Sanchez shares his strategy on how he invest in the stock market and at the same time Mike Vinas of COL Financial will analyze the market.

The Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update – June 18, 2015 edition has all the ingredients you need to know before investing in the stock market this month.

Below is the complete message of Bro. Bo Sanchez:

Cash Will Be King

For two months now, I’ve been telling LEGENDS (people who have bigger amounts already invested in the stock market) not to buy any stocks yet but to keep their cash in their hands. Over a month ago, I asked TrulyRichClub members to sell their AP (Aboitiz Power)—and to also keep the cash proceeds from the sale in their hands too. Just a few days after telling people to hold their cash, a number of TrulyRichClub members started to email me, asking me, “Can we buy now?” Their fingers are itchy. With so much cash in their hands, they want to pull the trigger. This is a normal reaction.

But I’m happy that most followed my advice. Today, the market has dipped a lot (Yipeeee!) because foreigners kept selling every day—not because there’s something wrong with the Philippines—but because of other global events.

Today, cash is king. With more cash in your hands, you can buy more at “sale” prices.

Please buy slowly. I repeat my instructions: If you have accumulated lots of cash, divide by six tranches—and invest one tranche per month for the next six months.

Why? We don’t know if it will still go down for the next few months, or just go sideways. So the safest thing to do is to buy in small amounts every month. In the end, you’ll win.

For ROOKIES (those who are still starting out in investing), forget the red color of your portfolio. I know it’s the first time this is happening to you, and you’re scared. Don’t be. Right now, you should be veeeeeeery happy, because you’re buying at sale prices. Your biggest profits will come from buying at seasons like this.

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

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