Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update May 2016 – Duterte Presidency

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Bo Sanchez shares his strategy on how he invest in the stock market and at the same time Mike Vinas of COL Financial will analyze the market especially the new company that Truly Rich Club will invest into.

The Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update – May 2016 edition has all the ingredients you need to know before investing in the stock market this month.

Below is the complete message of Bro. Bo Sanchez:

Will a Duterte Presidency Have a Positive Effect on the Economy of the Country?

Everyone is concerned: Now that Duterte will become President, what will happen to the stock market in the coming six years? A few anti-Duterte people have given me doomsday predictions. They talk about political unrest, impeachment, chaos, etc. And that in due time, our economy will collapse.

Other political and economic analysts, however, paint a more positive picture. They believe that Duterte’s impact on the economy could be positive.

They give many reasons that can’t fit in this article, so let me limit myself to two major ones:

1. Duterte’s focus on infrastructure projects in the provinces. Infrastructure projects prime the economy. If major cities outside Metro Manila will be given airports, roads, and bridges, tourism and trade will rise, and the economy will boom—just like it did in Indonesia and Thailand. With Duterte’s reputation as an action man, people expect him to pull the trigger on a long list of pending infra projects in the country.

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