Truly Rich Club Stocks Update: Why Did You Not Tell Us to Sell All?

Truly Rich Club Stocks Update is one of the most anticipated emails that I want to receive every month. It is a newsletter where Bo Sanchez updates the member of the club on what’s happening in the stock market right now.

Truly Rich Club Stocks Update: Why Did You Not Tell Us to Sell All?

My friend—a happy TrulyRichClub member for four years now—was asking the ques on, “Bo, you guys already knew that the stock market was going to go down since August. That’s why you told us to sell 40 percent of our winners…”

I smiled. “We also told you to sell half of Cebu Paci c and your MEG if you were up…”
“That’s right,” he said, “So I probably sold more than 50 percent of my por olio. And seeing how the market is tanking like a rock now, I’m very happy that I’ve got serious cash in my hands. But I’m just curious. Why didn’t you ask us to sell all?”

“Because if I told you to do that, that’s not inves ng. That’s already trading. And we don’t do that at the TrulyRichClub. Short-term trading is for trained professionals that focus on the stock market eight hours a day. Can you do that?”

“Nope,” he chuckled, “My boss, and my wife, will kill me….”

“Let me tell you why we didn’t tell you to sell all,” I said. “Because our analysts don’t have a crystal ball. Yes, we can guess the most probable scenario. But in this crazy world of ours, there are such things as black swans…”

“Black swans?”

“Unexpected events. Surprises no one thought were going to happen. Because of these black swans, we’re conserva ve in our approach. We like to sleep at night.”

“Thanks. Last ques on, Bo. How long will this stock market downward trend last?”

“This won’t be quick. Most likely, we’ll be going sideways for some me. Which is fantastic.

Our midnight sale is not just one weekend, but a few months!”

Happy investing!

May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez