Truly Rich Club Stocks Update Sell Alert February 05, 2013

Truly Rich Club Stocks Update – Every now and then Bo Sanchez will send an sell or buy alert. And one of the “truly rich club sam stocks“, yes we call it SAM, performed very well and hit the target after a month. Wow!

Listen to Bo Sanchez here on what he says about the club if you are interested to join!

Here is the exact sell alert email that I received:

Sell ******. because it’s hitting our Target Price.
I can’t believe it: After one month only, I’m already telling you to sell.

From the proceeds, you can either sit on your cash or buy ***(*******).

Two reasons why we like ***.
It gives 3.5% Cash Dividends every year.
It won’t just ***********.
Oh, the market is crazy! It’s scary.
May your dreams come true,
Bo Sanchez

The Truly Rich Club members only bought that stock last month and now we are selling it because it hits the target price.

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