Welcome to Pinoy and Money Blog!

Pinoy and MoneyI created this website (“Pinoy and Money“) to share my experience on how to invest in Citiseconline ( they are now called COL Financial). And at the same time inspire you to take action because of the result that I will show you.

Are you struggling with your finances?

You are not alone because I am experiencing it too. I know how hard to think about all those credit card debts that keeps on piling up. To be able to stop it, we need Financial Educations which are lacking in our Educational System.

Get a Mentor!

I hope I have a Rich Dad when I am young like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, who instill values in Robert’s young mind about investing, real estate and saving money. That is why I enrolled to Bo Sanchez’s Truly Rich Club, using his simple system I was able to earn profit from the Philippine Stock Market for the past 2 years and I will continue to do so.

Yes, I believe in mentorship because you need their timely advise. Do you remember the mantra “Been There Done That“? That is what they can give it to you. You will mitigate your losses because they will teach you how to invest the right way.

If you want to succeed in every aspect of your life, financial, relationship, career and spiritual – get a mentor.

What will I cover here in Pinoy and Money?

So in this blog I will talk about earning money passively using the following streams – stocks, business, real estate and blogging. My dream is to become your mentor and friend.

Feel free to read all the articles and videos here in “Pinoy and Money – Teaching you how to earn money passively“.