Why you should be happy when the stock market is down?

Investing in the stock market is one of the many options you can make to earn a passive income. Rich people loves to invest because of the many benefits of putting their money in the best companies of the world. One of the benefits is earning money while you are sleeping.

But many people don’t want to jump in because of the volatile nature of the stock market. Just like today, PSEi is in correction mode. After reaching 6750, the PSEi drops to 6500 levels and it might hit 6400 before it will start to rise again.

stock market down mindset

What should you do when the stock market is down?

My mentor thought me this – “You should be happy when the stock market is down! Throw a party and celebrate.” Why? because you can buy more stocks at a cheaper price during this bear phase. It is like the Philippine Stock Market is having a MEGA SALE!

Take advantage and invest more. Happy investing!

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