COL Financial fees and charges when buying and selling

how to open a citiseconline account.jpgCOL Financial fees are very small as compare to other online stockbroker. That’s why I really love using their services and it is very easy to trade using their website.

What are the COL Financial fees and charges?

Of course they will charge you some fees and charges in every trade you do (buy and sell stocks).


COL Financial (formerly known as Citiseconline) acts as your broker, so they will charge you a very low commission fee.

0.25% of the gross amount

Take note that the minimum commission is P20.


VAT is the value –added-tax that the Philippine Government impose.

12% of the commission

Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) Transaction Fee

0.005% of the gross trade amount

Securities Clearing Corporation of The Philippines Fee (SCCP)

0.01 % of the gross trade amount

Sales Tax

If you sell your stocks position, you need to pay sales tax also.

No of shares x Price x 0.005

Let me illustrate to you via a real life experience COL Financial fees and charges:

Last year I bought JGS 1,000 shares at P25.55 per share.

  • Gross Amount = 1,000 x 25.55 = P25,550
  • COL Financial Commission = 0.25% x 25,550 = 63.875
  • VAT on COL Financial Commission = 12% x 63.875 = 7.665
  • PSE Transaction Fee = 0.005%* 25,550 = 1.2775
  • Stock Transaction Tax = 0.01% x 25,550 = 2.555

Overall Transaction = 25,625.3725

Don’t worry about these fees and charges because you will able to earn it back once your stock mature and reach it’s target price. So keep on investing my friend!

If you are an OFW and want to open an COL Financial account. Checkout this post on how to open a citiseconline account for OFW.

Hope I was able to impart some knowledge to you. Feel free to contact me anything about investing in COL Financials.


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  1. vivian says:

    I plan to open an account to COL Financial(application form is filled up and soon to be submitted via lbc). I am currently working here in Singapore.

    Μy question is when should i make my payment?
    What are the things i need to observe when making a payment? (Pls indicate ootions).
    How will i know if the payment has been received?

    Please enlighten me on this matter.

    Thank you.

    1. Lemuel Lemuel says:

      Hi Vivian,

      That is good news. One step to a better life.

      Below is my answer to your questions:

      1. When do you make a payment (deposit)? – I usually deposit and invest in the stock market(using COL Financial) every second week of the month.

      2. What are the things i need to observe when making a payment? – after you made your deposit you need to email COL Financial helpdesk about the details of your payment like the reference number, etc. Before when I did not set-up my BPI online account yet, I scan my deposit slip (iRemit receipt) and email it to helpdesk.

      3. How will i know if the payment has been received? There will be an email from COL Financial informing you about your deposit transaction.

      Hope that helps. Feel free to comment or email me at . By the way checkout the Truly Rich Club here if you want to have a complete guidance on what Stocks to invest in.

      Have a good day and God Bless!