Am I Dreaming? MY COL Financial Stock Portfolio Is Green!

My COL Financial Stock Portfolio is green! What should I do now? Should I sell it all since it’s green? Not yet because of the following reasons:

1. Philippines gets another investment grade! Yahooo!!! Filipinos should celebrate, why? Because higher grade means foreign investor will invest more in the Philippines. Which will result to a better economy.

2. My target price (PAM Stock Picks) is not yet reach so I need to wait or re-adjust my strategy if needed. Good thing I am a member of Truly Rich Club, Bo Sanchez SAM Stocks Update & Newsletter will definitely make me a good investor.

3. Prepare for a crazy weekend!


Do you want to invest in the stock market now because your friends portfolio are all green? Don’t! Read this article first!

Standard & Poor’s (S&P) on Thursday announced a fresh rating upgrade for the Philippines’ long-term peso and dollar bonds.

From the previous rating of “BBB-,” S&P now rates the Philippines at “BBB,” one notch above minimum investment grade. ~