How to budget your salary effectively! A must read if you are an OFW or Young Couple!

One of the toughest thing to do is budgeting your salary, especially if you stretched it out. Did you know that most Filipinos doesn’t love budgeting? Why? Because of the “Bahala na si Batman” principle which we applied in every major areas of our lives.

One of the major lesson that I have learn is to budget my salary. Hindi ko po natutunan eto sa school, I learned it the hard way. Mahirap talaga ang mag-budget kung madami kang utang sa credit card and other financial institutions. Usually breakeven ka lang palagi.

Kaya payo ko sa inyo lalo na sa mga OFW and mga kabataan, pag-aralan niyong i-budget ang sweldo niyo ng mabuti and siguraduhin niyong my ma-save kayo para my mailagay kayo sa investment portfolio niyo.

Think twice, thrice or four times before buying the latest iPhone or Galaxy smart phone! Make sure you can afford it.

So ang bagong formula sa pag budget ay: Salary – Savings = Expenses. Pag-katanggap mo ng iyong sweldo, tanggalin mo na agad yung 20% (ideal) na savings mo. So yung naiwan is for your expenses.

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Tandaan na ang pag-budget ay isa sa mga hakbang tungo sa iyong financial freedom (freedom from bad debts)!

Watch the following video (PesosAndSense) on how to budget your salary effectively!

Pinoy and Money Financial Tips:

If you have a lot of credit card debts or bad debts, it is a must that you put all your effort and money in knocking out those bad debts especially those with higher interest. Why? So that when you will start building your investment portfolio, you will not worry about bad debts and you can build your retirement funds faster and you can budget your salary easily because you will not be stressed out looking those negative value.

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