How to open a COL Financial account for OFW?

Investing Guide – Many of our OFW friends still doesn’t have any idea on how to invest in the Philippine Stock Market today. And I want to educate them even if they are at the other part of this world.

I am an OFW too. I started my journey as an OFW in 2007 and I have been lucky enough to have friends who introduce me to the stock market. Since then I became fascinated and learn how stocks work.

If you have OFW friends, please share this article to them and let them know that holding their money in the bank will make them broke.

OK, enough of that. Let us start this simple tutorial for OFW living in Singapore, Saudi Arabia, USA, Canada, Dubai, Qatar, Malaysia, Australia, Israel, Spain, Italy, Greece, London, United Kingdom, Africa, Thailand, Indonesia and any part of the world.

how to open a col financial account for ofw

How to open a COL Financial Account (Citiseconline) for OFW?

Just email [email protected] and [email protected] so that they can assist you on how to open a col financial account.

This is what I did when I opened my account in 2010. My friend emailed Sheryll also last month when he opened his account. My friend is now happily investing his money in the stock market.

Use the following email template.

Dear Ms. Lhiz,

Good Day!

I am interested to open a COL Financial account. I am an OFW currently based here in Singapore. I heard from my good friend “” that you are the no. 1 online broker in the Philippines.

The type of account that I would like to open is the EIP, which is suitable for me because I want to invest long term.

Hope to hear from you soon!

Thank you!

Best Regards,
Your Name

After you have opened a COL Financial account, drop me an email at [email protected] so that I can assist you personally on how to buy your first COL Financial stock.

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  1. Lange says:

    Got me interested to apply for an account. Sent them an email with digital copies of the form. But they were asking for me to courier the forms to their office. There should be a more convenient way for OFWs to apply for an account online. I believe if that becomes more convenient, OFWs would be able to invest more back to the Philippines.