How did I Increase my savings to 17.654% for 1 year?

Did you know that you can increase your savings to 17.654% or more in a year. Your bank can’t give you that kasi 1% lang ang binibigay nilang interest and my tax pa. So don’t be surprised if I say that the value of your hard earned money decreased it’s value every year. Why? because of inflation rate that keep on increasing.

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So how did I increased our savings to a 17.654% for 1 year?

Answer is you already know if you follow my blog, I invest my family’s savings on Philippine Stock Market via COL Financial (online Broker).

I followed the advise of Truly Rich Club by Bo Sanchez and invest in the stock market monthly using peso-cost-averaging. Using the SAM Stocks table as a guide really helps me in achieving that growth.

17.65% is a huge return because that’s one stock only and not my whole portfolio.

Do you know which stock gave me that big return? Read my post here – Truly Rich Club Stock Alert – Sell!

Yes, it is TEL (PLDT). I bought it last June 2013 at 3,000 per share and sold it last August 27, 2014 at 3,406 per share!

If you compute it, it will not be equal to 17.65% because I haven’t shown you the dividends that I received.

In 1 year, PLDT(TEL) releases two dividend pay for stock holders. The first one was on Sept 2013, it’s worth P63 per share. The last one was on April 2014 worth P116 per share.

Adding those dividends and subtracting the expenses (tax and some admin fee) will yield to 17.65% increase.

The good thing is after I sold TEL, I immediately bought one of the Truly Rich Club Sam Stocks because it is still way below the “Buy Below Price“. So the money that I earned, I was able to invest it again easily. That’s what they call passive income, you earn money while you sleep!

I am showing you how I did it because I want you to know that it is possible to earn passive income via the Philippine Stock Market and it is not only for the rich, it is for all people who have a dream and act on it.

Just keep on investing and follow the Truly Rich Club Stock Updates and Sell Alert report!

Good luck and happy investing!

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