One Money Principle That Will Make You Rich Like Warren Buffett

Money Principles are very important. You are broke if you don’t have one.

One reason why Filipinos doesn’t invest in the stock market or in any business is because of this dinosaur way of budgeting.

Eto yong una kung natutunan noon nag-start akong mag-work at mag-earn ng income. I did not know that this MONEY Principle will make me poor and broke.

Money Principle of Filipinos:

NATANGAP mo na sahod – WINALDAS mo na sahod = IPON tira-tira galing sa sahod

If your budget formula is katulad ng nasa taas, tiyak na hindi ka mag-iinvest sa stock market or any business venture that will generate a passive income for your self.

“I will start investing once I have extra money.” Sounds familiar? This is a common scenario once the salary is received. But after spending, more often than not, there won’t be any leftover and investing is put off until next month. from #pesosandsense.

Year 2010 noon nag-start kami ng wife ko na mag-invest sa stock market. Salamat sa aking mga kaibigan at katrabaho na sila ang nagbukas ng aking mga mata at ibahin ang aking pananaw tungkol sa pera.

Ayon kay Aya Laraya of PesosAndSense:

money-principle-budgetingThe Ideal Saving Habit:

RECEIVE salary – SAVE & INVEST = SPEND the leftover

Narinig niyo na siguro ang %10 %20 %70 Principle? Kung hindi pa, ay eto ang maiksing explanation.

When you received your salary, divide it to 3 parts.

1. %20 is for your saving and investment. You can open an COL Financial account or Bank account and deposit this portion of your money so that you can’t touch it.

2. %10 is for tithes and donation to your church. You can also use this to payoff your debt and build your emergency fund.

3. %70 is for your expense. Prioritise your bills, food and other important expenses first. Delay mo muna yung mga pagbili ng mga gadgets. Apply the Kurot or Dakot principle.

Mahirap gawin eto sa una, kung hindi kaya ang %70, you can adjust it as long as you set aside money para sa saving at investments mo. Madami kang matitipid katulad ng soft-drinks or kung naninigarilyo at umiinom ka ng alak, bawasan mo na muna. Mas-importante ang financial freedom mo at makakamit mo lang eto if you have the discipline.

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