This Is What A “Pinoy Style Patak-Patak” Investment Looks Like

Emgoldex Philippines came up this “Pinoy Style Patak-Patak” investment idea and many netizens and OFW’s believed it and even created a viral investment debate on Facebook and other social networking site.


But Emgoldex Philippines “Patak-Patak” is a scam because of the promise of huge returns when a Filipino invest in it.

Example of their promise is those who invest P35,000 will get P180,000 to P360,000. That’s a huge profit. Nakakapagtaka kung paano nila mapapalago yong P35K mo. Yes, they have a product which is Gold but it doesn’t mean they can sell those quickly at a higher price.

And Emgoldex Philippines has no permit to solicit investments from the public! What a shame!

“Per verification, Emgoldex Philippines is not a registered corporation or partnership. Likewise, such entity is not authorized to solicit investments from the public as it did not secure prior registration and/or license or permit to solicit investments from the Commission as required under Section 8.1 of the Securities Regulation Code,” it said, according to a warning posted by the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong. via gma


Watch the correct “Pinoy Style Patak-Patak” below made by Pesos and Sense:

Every Filipino should invest in the stock market or in Mutual Funds, it is a patak-patak investment system since investors will patak their hard earned money every month to a growing company like Jollibee, PLDT and more. It is not a scam because these companies are registered here in the Philippines and they have a good product that earns a lot of profits!

The main secret of the true “Pinoy Stle Patak-Patak” is compound interest. You can watch the video below from investopedia on how it works.