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COL Financial Guide

The COL Financial (formerly known as is my online stockbroker. I have been using their platform since 2010 and I am very happy using their service. You need a stockbroker to be able to invest in the Philippine Stock Market.

  1. How to open a COL Financial Account?
  2. How to login into your COL Financial Account?
  3. How to fund your COL Financial account?
  4. How to buy your first stock in COL Financial Account?
  5. What is Easy-Investment-Program (EIP) of COL Financial?
  6. COL Financial fees and charges when buying and selling
  7. How to open a COL Financial Account for OFW?
  8. How to sell your shares in COL Financial Account?

Truly Rich ClubInvestment Guide

These articles will help you understand how the stock market works for an average Filipinos like us. Investing in the stock market needs mind setting and goal setting. That is why it is really important to know your Goal first before investing so that you will always be motivated no matter what happens.

  1. What is Stock? A Filipino style Explanation
  2. Why peso-cost-averaging is your best friend?
  3. How do I make money in the Philippine Stock Market?

Truly Rich Club

Joining the Truly Rich Club was the best investment that I did because of the value that the club provides. Bo Sanchez is the founder of the Club. He is my mentor not just in financial aspect but also in spiritual and health aspect of my life.

  1. Truly Rich Club – Why you should invest now!
  2. Truly Rich Club Review – Money Cost Averaging
  3. Truly Rich Club Review – Bo Sanchez Stocks Update January 2013

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