PSEi continues to go down because of Q1 earning results!

PSEi (Philippine Stocke Exchange Index) continues to go down because of the disappointing performance of Companies during the first quarter of the fiscal year (2015). That means we can accumulate more stocks of these great companies like Jollibee (P209 per share).

PSEi current value as of this writing is 7686.65. This is the perfect time to buy more shares because the market is bearish (short-term).

Bearish means “bagsak presyo”. Most investors like me (long-term) are very happy when the market is down. Thanks to Truly Rich Club (TRC) who are always giving advise on what to do when the PSEi is down.

Two weeks ago, I received a newsletter from TRC, nakalagay sa email na magkakaroon ng correction (bearish market) and I need to wait before na bibili ako ng SAM Stocks (TRC stock pick). Their prediction is correct why because the club has an in-house analyst from COL Financial.

Mag-invest ka na kabayan, huwag mag-paloko sa mga MLM na patak-patak style daw. Kung di mo alam kung saan mag-simula, learn more about the Truly Rich Club and you will not regret joining the club, it is not an MLM, it’s a FAMILY!