Securing the Future – Rex Mendoza on ANC

Rex Mendoza on ANC

Rex Mendoza on ANC – Securing the Future

He is at the helm of the company that has a rich history in the Philippines. Philam Life was established June 1947, helping Filipinos recover from the ravages of World War II. Rex Mendoza has been a CEO of the Country’s largest life insurance company since his homecoming in 2011. After a 6 years absence working for a top property company. But the fortune of the 50 year old executive and Philam Life somehow intertwined. His first job was at the bottom of the rank in 1983. In 28 years he was at the top of the heap but before him was a daunting task of putting the house in order.

Watch the interview of ANC’s Ces Drillon below:

Lesson that I learned is about the three stages of Life:

1. Man at work

2. Man and money at work

3. Money at work

According to Rex, most Filipinos stays at 1, that is why they never retire. Filipinos should aim the last stage which is “Money at work“. This is where the big Businessman operates. They can earn 1 million a day because of this.

How about you? Do you want to be at stage 3 or stays at 1.

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