Truly Rich Club SAM Stock SELL Alert May 2015!

This is the one of the many reason why I joined the Truly Rich Club – SAM Stock SELL Alert! Yes, you read it right, time for us (members) to reap the benefits of being patient and following the advice of Bo Sanchez and the Truly Rich Club.

One of the SAM Stock is now for sell! Below is the complete stock alert message that I received today!

Hi Lemuel Levi,

Friend, it’s time to sell this stock now.

If you started investing the month we recommended this Stock—and continued
to buy every month thereafter—you would have already earned an average of
21.66%. WOW.

We’ve held this Stock since May 2014—one year ago. Aside from the increase
in share price (from P36.40 to P4*.**), you also earned from a 4% annual
dividend. Sweet.

Why are we selling? We feel that **’s growth will be slow this year
because there’ll be a delay in the operation of a part of their plant, which will affect their profits for this year. I foresee that we’ll
be buying this stock again in the future.

After selling, what will you do with the cash? Hold onto it for now.
(Please don’t withdraw it to take a holiday in Hong Kong.) Don’t withdraw
it, period. Keep it there, ready to deploy when I tell you to start buying

Reason for not buying now: We see some volatile signs around Asia that the
Stocks may go lower. I’ll tell you when it’s time to start buying.

NOTE: But for those who are still starting in the Stock Market—please
continue to buy our recommended stocks each month. Create the habit.
Don’t stop. Buy every month.

Till my next email.

Happy Investing!

May your dreams come true,

Bo Sanchez

It’s 21.66% return!

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