Truly Rich Club Stocks Update March 16, 2013 – Don’t Interrupt the Compounding!

One of the benefits of a Truly Rich Club member is to receive a newsletter written by Bo Sanchez and Mike Vinas (COL Financial). I always am looking forward to receive it every month because of the stocks update.

The Stocks Update is a table where Bo Sanchez updates us and advises us on where to invest our money and if we will continue buying the SAM Stocks.

Truly Rich Club Stocks Update March 16 2013

Truly Rich Club - Don’t Interrupt the Compounding!

But before diving to the updates, he will give his advice first. In this March 16, 2013 Truly Rich Club stocks update, he wants us not to withdraw money from our COL Financial account because in 20 years time that money will become a million! Why? Because of the power of compounding interest!

A P50,000.00 withdrawn from our investment today will become P1,000,000.00 (16 percent growth per year). So from now on, every time that I am tempted to withdraw my money from my COL Financial account, I will always remind myself that I am withdrawing millions even if it is just P50,000.00!

Truly Rich Club SAM Stocks Update March 16, 2013

The table below is our SAM Stocks. I removed the stock code because if I will show it to you, it will be unfair to the members of Truly Rich Club. If you want to have these amazing lists, join the club today.

truly rich club stocks update


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