Truly Rich Club Stocks Update – Your money could grow 2,000x!

Here’s the Truly Rich Club Stocks Update for the month of September. You can download your copy by visiting the club’s official website at

You can read the quick preview below and make sure to digest it and put it in practice of everything you will learn.

It Grew 2,000x!

Imagine that you own a sari-sari store. Every day, a crazy dude walks up to your store and offers to buy your store. The prices he offers vary wildly. There are days when he says, “I want to buy your store for P10,000,” and there are days when he says, “I want to buy your store for P100,000.” Every day, he has a new price.

As a store owner, you want to know how good your business is doing. Here’s my question: Will you know the business health of your store based on his offered price?

I don’t think so.

If you want to know how healthy your business is, you look at your store: How many customers buy from your store?

How many repeat customers do you have? Do they love your store? What’s your profit
margin? How’s your cash flow?

Friend, that crazy dude is the stock market.

When you bought AC or ALI or BDO, you became part-owner of the business. In TrulyRichClub, we still half-listen to the crazy dude who comes every day — just in case he offers an insane price (“I want to buy your sari-sari store for P5 Million”). But generally, we really focus on the business itself. If the business is strong over the long term, we don’t mind if the share prices crash.

Let me give you some figures from the US stock market: If you invested $1 in 1915 in the stock market, it would have become $15,800 by now. It grew 2,000-fold over the last century.

But in those 100 years, there were two world wars, four smaller wars, 18 recessions, 9/11 tragedy, earthquakes, and hurricanes. So in the past 100 years, because of these epic-wide disasters — and many other smaller ones — the US stock market fell by 10 percent 89 times, fell by 20 percent 21 times, fell by 30 percent nine times, and fell by 50 percent three times. (Can you imagine how you’d have felt if your portfolio went down by 50 percent?)

Yet despite all these, the stock market still rose 2,000-fold.

Lesson? Stay your course.

Keep at it.

Remain faithful.

And you’ll be a multimillionaire.

Happy investing!