Truly Rich Club: The Redder, the Better in the Stock Market – June 2015

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The Redder, the Better in the Stock Market!


A couple of weeks ago, Jennie came up to me and said,
“Bo, my portfolio is all red. Isn’t it wonderful?”

We both laughed. Jennie’s friend, who was right beside
her, looked at both of us like we were on drugs.

Jennie has been a member of the Truly Rich Club
for three years now and she’s seen her portfolio gone red before—
many times—and she’s seen how it all bounced back.

She’s no longer worried. In fact, she’s excited whenever
her portfolio becomes red. She has internalized the
Truly Rich Club philosophy:

The Redder, the Better!

Why? She’s realized that the stock market
Must go down. If not, she can’t earn big.

She’s realized that her biggest earnings happen when her portfolio is very red—and she buys at that time!

Happy investing!

May Your Dreams Come True,

Bo Sanchez

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