Why NOW is the best time to invest in stocks?


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Why do you need to start investing NOW? This question is hard to answer because of the 27 peaks the Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) that happens this year.

Isn’t the stock market expensive?

Right now it is not that expensive as what you have thought. According to COL FINANCIAL (my online stock broker), NOW is the best time to invest because of three things.

1. The country is entering a golden period. Fitch upgraded the Philippines to investment grade last March 27, 2013 and after a month the PSEi reaches an all time high – 7000. That means it will grow more and your money will surely grow if you start NOW. Of course there will be ups and down and fear of going to a down market (bear market). That’s where the Truly Rich Club comes in. Click here to know more about the club.

2. The sentiment in business and government is at an all-time high. That means more foreign and local investor will flock in the country to invest more. President Aquino has 3 years left in his term and a lot of analysts believes that PSEi will soar high to 10,000. That is why you should start NOW!

3. Truly Rich Club. You should invest NOW because of this club. Bo Sanchez SAM stocks are the best performing stocks today.

Invest NOW because the Philippine Stock Market will fly high!

PS. If you want to invest now and you don’t have enough knowledge and don’t know where to start? Visit my Stock Market Tutorials for Pinoys!



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Lemuel is a father of two lovely daughters. He founded PinoyAndMoney.com because he wants to share his knowledge about investing in the Philippine stock market today.

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  1. Brian May 2, 2013 at 10:40 AM #

    Hi Lemuel,

    Stocks is one of the best investments ever invented by men. :)
    I’m quite bias. After all, I am also a TRC member.

    Nice Blog.

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