How do I make money in the Philippine Stock Market?

Why does rich people invest in the stock market? Because they know the importance of profit. One of my favorite quotes about profit and wages is:

“Profits are better than wages. Wages will make you a living. Profits can make you a fortune.”

That phrase was Jim Rohn‘s favorite principle about money and financial freedom. His mentor taught him that and change Jim Rohn’s life forever.

How do I make money in the Philippine Stock Market?

1. Through Price Appreciation

Selling stocks that is more than what you bought them.

When you join the Truly Rich Club, you will be able to buy more stocks and sell them to a higher price. In June 2011, we bought ALI (Ayala Land) share at P15.09. Bo Sanchez advise us to keep on buying ALI as long as the buy-below-price is not yet met. And in February 2012, ALI hit the target-price of P21.65. We sold our shares immediately and our return of investment is around 35%.

2. Through Dividends

Your cut in the Company’s earnings.

TEL (PLDT) is one of the Company that gives a very high dividend to all the investor. In 2012, TEL dividend yield is P171 per shares. If you have 100 total shares, your dividend payout will be P1,710.00. Which you can invest that money again.

Open an COL Financial account today so that you can earn more profit than wages.

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