Bo Sanchez Truly Rich Club Stocks Update March 2013

Truly Rich Club Review – The month of February is a crazy month because Bo Sanchez sent a lot of stocks alert. I still can’t believe how fast the SAM stocks is zooming. Today, the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi) is at 6,750 levels and many analyst believe that it will continue to rise and reach 7,500 at the end of this year. Wow! If their forecast is true then you should start investing now and join the Truly Rich Club so that you can add a passive income.

Last week Bo Sanchez sent the Truly Rich Club Stocks Update for March 2013 and he talks about why we should not be afraid with what happening in the stock market today.

A member of the club asked him if we should still invest in the stocks today. Because in 2007 the market is up and suddenly it went down the following year. Do you want to know what Bo Sanchez answer is? Join the club!

Hint: We are long-term investor so we don’t worry that much!

In the Stocks Update, Bo Sanchez also updates our SAM stock table. Checkout the image below and fixed your eyes on action to take!

bo sanchez truly rich club stocks update march 2013


Looking at the “Action to Take” column, Truly Rich Club members are very happy because we have 5 more stocks to invest from. That table is the most precious one! Because even if the PSEi is zooming, we can still buy SAM Stocks at a cheaper price (Buy Below Price) and sell it at a higher price (Target Price).

It doesn’t matter if you will start small. Whats important is you want to invest in your family’s future. Please share this to Truly Rich Club review to your OFW friends if you have one.

PS. Checkout our “Pinoy and Money Tutorial” if you want to learn more about investing and how to open an online account via COL Financial (popularly know as Citiseconline).

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