Is COL Financial Easy Investment Program (EIP) the right plan for you?

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COL Financial (formerly known as Citiseconline) is an online stockbrokerage firm in the Philippines. If you are new to stock investment and wondering what is their role in your investment plan. The company is your platform to buy stocks from the Philippine Stock Market. Of course you need to pay them for their service and COL fee is very cheap. That is why I love using their platform.

What is Easy Investment Program?

It is an investment system that will help a new investor with a little time or financial knowledge. You will be able to understand how the stock market works using this plan. And the good news is you can start investing with as little as P5000 after that you can invest any amount money.

For example if you buy Jollibee today (JFC), 1 share is worth P124.00. At a minimum board lot of 10, you can actually buy JFC stock at P1, 240.00.

That is great right? Once you eat in Jollibee, you will feel very happy because you are one of the shareholders. That my friend is a bragging right!

How does Easy Investment Program Works?

According to COL Financial, there are three features of EIP

  1. Premium Stock Lists – have access to the COL recommended stock picks based on COL Financial comprehensive and updated research reports. Jollibee (JFC) is one of them.
  2. EIP Portfolio – you can monitor your EIP positions online.
  3. Schedule Calendar – this feature is very powerful because COL Financial will remind you automatically when it is time to invest your hard earned money. You can schedule your investment every month so that you maximize your profit.

My Personal Experience

I started investing using the Easy Investment Program and it thought me how to invest in the stock market properly. Of course return of investment is not that good during the first few months but as long as you invest your money, it will grow more.

How to convert EIP account to normal account?

Your EIP account will be converted automatically to normal account after your money reached P25, 000.00. If that happens, you will no longer need to schedule and add any stocks in your EIP portfolio before you can invest. You will just buy any stock immediately.

If you have a budget, you can open a normal account. Initial deposit is P25, 000.00.


Philippine Stock Market is breaking a lot of records; today the PSE index reached 6800 levels. In 2010, when I started investing, PSEi is at 4,200 levels. That means Philippine economy is booming and zooming. It will rise above the 7000 levels this year with or without you. Start investing now because any time is the best time to invest.

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