How to become a member of Truly Rich Club for free?

Truly Rich ClubI am a member of Truly Rich Club and last year I did not pay any thing –  P0.00 🙂 Isn’t that great?

This year I will not pay anything again. So mukhang nagtataka na kayo kung bakit? I am not related to Bo Sanchez and I only met him once, way back  June 2010, when I attended the Truly Rich Club seminar in Manila.

Why am I getting a free membership?

The answer is this blog and my Facebook Page. I promote the Truly Rich Club using this blog. Kung makikita niyo yong mga banner sa blog na eto, when you click them, your browser will saved a cookie, once na nag-signup na kayo as a member of Truly Rich Club,  that cookie will be picked-up by the system and reward me with a portion of your monthly payment to TRC. Take note, monthly po and hindi lang one time.

So it is a passive income and at the same time, it helps me run this blog and invest the remaining money to the Stock Market.

That’s why I love being  a member of Truly Rich Club. You can do it also and promote it using your Facebook account. There are many benefits of being a member and one of them is this.